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At Flamencista we are incredibly proud to:

Best Flamenco Skirts Only Produce 100% Handmade Flamenco Skirts in Spain;
Best Flamenco Skirts Produce Custom Made Skirts to Fit your Perfectly; 
Best Flamenco Skirts Give you the Option to Design your Own Flamenco skirt;
Best Flamenco Skirts Offer World Class Customer Service; and
Best Flamenco Skirts Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Stunning Handame Flamenco Shoes Flamencista
Dear Friend of Flamenco,

Welcome to Flamencista!  

The Flamencista team consists of Flamenco enthusiasts who have vowed to provide the best possible flamenco products ever made! We are incredibly passionate about spreading the word of Flamenco around the world and help all Flamenco dancers to produce the best possible performances. Over the years we have collaborated with many Flamenco dancers, performers, teachers and school owners around the world. All of them came to the same conclusion:

Wearing the Right Flamenco Skirt Will  Significantly Affect Your Dance Performance

Flamenco Skirts by FlamencistaAnother way to look at this is that without the right Flamenco skirt your dance performance will  suffer. Unfortunately, there are MANY "flamenco type" skirts out there that look like a traditional flamenco skirt but they are not flamenco skirts! Their make and material used (mainly nylon) are substandard and make them feel uncomfortable, too hot, too heavy and they do not fit well.

The Flamencista mission is to offer you the best flamenco skirts ever made!

From the very beginning our criteria were simple: Spanish craftsmanship, Spanish materials, handcrafted production, incredible design, top quality, and affordable prices. We tested hundreds of 
materials, designs, suppliers and we never compromised on our principles until we created what we would consider to be the BEST FLAMENCO SKIRT.

Traditional craftsmanship in Our
Workshop in Granada

Our mission ended in the beautiful town of Granada, in Andalusia, the very birthplace of Flamenco.  It was there that we discovered a Flamenco  workshop that had been crafting Flamenco skirts for generations.  Together, we blended Flamenco shoe craftsmanship with experience and passion for the dance of Flamenco and after exhaustive tests and trials we were able to proudly gaze at our brainchild: 

 Flamenco Dance Skirt for Performance

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Flamencista Flamenco Skirt

The Flamencista Flamenco Performance Skirt Collection

Beautiful Performance Skirts by Flamencistaista

Achieve a fantastic stage presence with our stunning Flamenco Performance skirts!

If you are a demanding performer and you want the perfect skirt that will make you stand out of the crowd LOOK NO FURTHER!

Our Flamenco Performance Skirt collection is the result of ultimate craftsmanship and creative inspiration. Handmade in Spain with the best material in the market, our Performance Skirts are possibly the most elegant and striking flamenco skirts ever made! 
These skirts promise to make your feel very special as soon as you wear them.

They are 100% custom made to fit you perfectly and their design can be customized to create unique styles based on your personal taste.

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The Flamencista Flamenco Practice Skirt Collection

Stunning Flamenco Practice Skirts by Flamencista

Enjoy your long practice sessions with our beautiful Flamenco Practice skirts!

Airy, light and elegant our Flamenco Practice skirts are ideal for your flamenco practice sessions. Their clever design and high quality material used will make you go through your long demanding routines effortlessly!

They are ideal for everyday use, are easy to wash and will give you a sensation of coolness even after several hours of practice.

Like all our skirts, they are handmade in Spain, custom made to fit you perfectly and come in a wide range of designs and colors.

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The Flamencista Promise to You

Best Flamenco Skirts Top quality of material used 
Best Flamenco Skirts Incredible comfort, feeling and superb expression of movement
Best Flamenco Skirts Incredibly clever design to enable perfect fit on your body 
Best Flamenco Skirts 100% tailor made based on your measurements 
Best Flamenco Skirts Skirts for Flamenco performances or practice sessions
Best Flamenco Skirts Huge range of colours, fabrics, and designs that ensure your skirt has a truly unique style
Best Flamenco Skirts Flamenco skirts that are fully handcrafted in Spain 
Best Flamenco Skirts Best Value for Money 
Best Flamenco Skirts 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Best Flamenco Skirts Flawless customer service

Flamenco Skirt 100% Guarantee

Our Product Reviews

See below what some of our customers have said about our skirts.

"I ordered two skirts from Flamencista last month. They fit perfectly! They feel very nice on me and look beautiful. Many thanks!"
, Katherine P, USA

"I have tried many Flamenco skirts in the past but they never felt 100% right. This was not the case with the Flamencista Performance skirt. It looked and felt perfect. I placed my second order for a Practice skirt and I am looking forward to receiving it", Leanne S, Australia

"Having ordered my shoes from Flamencista in the past I decided to also order a flamenco skirt. It is stunning! I created my own design so it has my personal touch all over", Grace P , Australia

I would like to applaud the excellent customer service by Flamencista. They made the order process feel very easy and effortless as I was previously hesitant to buy over the Internet. I have received my skirt exactly as promised and I am amazed by the quality and design. Thank you Flamencista!",
Inga D, UK

Dance the Flamenco Like Never Before with Flamencista! 

Flamencista Flamenco Skirts - Unparalled Quality and Comfort


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We are absolutely confident that you will be 100% happy with our products just like thousands of our customers. Still, feel free to try them on: It is at our own risk!


If you are not satisfied with the quality of Flamencista skirts, we will exchange them with another one or your money back guaranteed! No catches!


To show our gratitude for your loyalty we will reward you with a further 10% off your next purchase!

Flamenco Skirt 100% Guarantee

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Remember, our vision had been to create the best Flamenco shoes for me, for you, for all of us who feel the passion of Flamenco. We have now achieved this. All you need to do is to take action now and make them yours.

Best Regards,

The Flamencista Team

Flamenco Skirt 100% Guarantee

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